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Benefits of Forever Safe Use

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The COVID pandemic has made the picture clear to the World that to what extent a contaminated surface could be dangerous for our health. A visibly clean surface does not guarantee a contamination free surface. FOREVER SAFE, an antimicrobial film, is the best innovation to keep you free from contaminated surfaces by eliminating micro - organisms including germs, viruses and moulds. This patented product is based on the ZnO microspheres technology that makes the surfaces self-disinfecting for a minimum period of 5 years.

FOREVERSAFE is an antimicrobial adhesive film manufactured by GREEN PACE SOLUTION PVT LTD . It IS natural mineral technology. FOREVERSAFE is effective against viruses, bacteria, yeasts and moulds. Its action is continuous and permanent (tested over 5 years). Independent laboratory tests have confirmed the effectiveness of foreversafe against SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19.

At Forever Safe, we are dedicated to both prevention and safety. Through robust research and development, we make sure to provide specialized equipment which have been designed to protect the overall health and well-being of the professionals across the globe.
We strongly abide by the following core values:
  • Integrity
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School and Colleges

The safety of children remains at the top especially when we all have seen the harmful results of touching the contaminated surfaces during the COVID pandemic.

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Hospitals & Clinics

Individuals working in medical and laboratory settings are especially concerned about microbial infections, therefore, extra care is needed to keep every surface de-contaminated.

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Restaurant & Malls

In restaurants and malls, it is a matter of high concern if someone consumes contaminated food or comes in contact with microorganisms by touching the contaminated surfaces.

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Corporate Office

We all have seen, even in the pandemic, corporate offices cannot be kept closed for longer. And we learned that precautions are must rather than closing the offices.

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The antimicrobial film forever safe applications are numerous. Indeed, forever safe can be easily applied to all types of surfaces and thus, it can be used in many different industries.

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Residential Apartments & Villas

Protection from micro-organisms is as necessary as it is needed at any other place. The things that we purchase from markets and bring to our homes bring micro-organisms too.

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As FOREVER SAFE can be applied to a surface of any shape, we are providing you with a great option to make the surfaces in any transport mean safe to touch for everyone.

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Like other crowded places, banks also need extra care to keep their customers safe from microbes. FOREVER SAFE serves as a complete solution for preventing

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A small contaminated source can make the entire drug batch useless, therefore, resulting in great loss. FOREVER SAFE is the best option to avoid such losses in the pharma industry.

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